Street Furniture

PSP offers a variety of street furniture that will blend seamlessly into many different site designs. The street furniture is available in protective and non-protective seating, tables, planters, garbage bins, tree protection and more. Here are just a few options available.


Public seating is an essential component of any public area and can serve an aesthetic purpose as well as a practical one. Our wide range of public outdoor seating will meet the requirements of any landscape & suit all budgets.


Many of the commercial seating include complementary tables of varying styles, sizes, and materials. Our range of commercial outdoor tables can be installed individually, in lines or in flexible clusters to suit the landscape.



We offer a wide and diverse range of specialized large outdoor planters. From large trough planters and wall planters to multi-functional, crash tested planters for public spaces.


We offer garbage bins in traditional or contemporary designs to suit any backdrop or location. Available in many different materials such as cast iron, plastic, stainless steel, or concrete. For extra infrastructure safety, our garbage bins can be crash rated for a high standard of perimeter protection.



Incorporating trees into your scheme can add a welcome touch of greenery to any site. To protect the growth of young trees and safeguard existing ones, we offer a range of Tree Protection products. Tree guards offer protection from damage in busy environments and tree surrounds provide a practical solution to accommodate established and newly planted trees. For a more contemporary tree protection, tree grilles are also available using vertical and horizontal steel strips.