About Us

Founded in 2014 to deliver superior expertise and customer service to the physical and electronic security markets, Perimeter Security Partners is a worldwide provider of turnkey security solutions. With over 20 years of specialized experience within the perimeter security market, PSP’s leadership team is uniquely equipped to identify and meet every project requirement for our customers in the military, ports of entry, commercial, petroleum, chemical, municipal, and financial sectors.

PSP’s experienced construction managers, technicians, and designers directly impact the success of each project – and are enabled with the resources and authority to respond to changing conditions or requirements without compromise. Our close relationships with all major barrier system and an array of other physical and electronic security system manufacturers ensures that our customers receive the best possible solution within their budget – independent of any pressure to select a product or system solely based on its source.

Headquartered in the vibrant city of Nashville, TN with easy access to major interstates and a growing airport, PSP is well positioned to respond efficiently across the country. In addition, our dispersed technicians, project offices, and network of partners provide the global reach our customers desire without the associated overhead cost.

Whether you require assistance designing a new entry control facility, installation of a new or replacement vehicle barrier system, construction of a multimillion dollar integrated perimeter, an assessment of your existing equipment, repair services to restore proper operation to your security systems, or a preventive maintenance program to extend the life of your investment – we look forward to partnering with you.