Perimeter Security Partners offers a flexible line of bollards suitable for many site conditions. Bollards are a great way to prevent vehicular access without impeding pedestrian traffic. We offer fixed, removeable, and manual assist bollards with some having the option of shallow-mount foundations depending on your site’s unique needs. Our crash rated bollards are rated between K-4 and K-12.

Fixed Bollard

Fixed bollards are ideal for situations where the bollards need to be stationary and do not need to be removed at any point in time.  Several different crash rated levels and shallow-mount foundations are available options for fixed bollards as well.

Shallow Mount

Shallow-mount bollards are ideal for sites with existing underground utilities.  The shallow-mount bollard foundation is 8.5" to 12" deep and the ultra shallow-mount bollard foundation is just 5" deep.  Ultra shallow-mount bollards are ideal for applications with shallow concrete like parking decks and bridges as well as existing underground utilities.  Several different crash rated levels are available for these shallow-mount bollards.  Fixed and removeable options available.


Removeable bollards can be picked up and removed from their location to allow vehicular traffic through to the secured side.

Manual Assist

Manual assist bollards retract below grade with manual assistance.  Ideal for situations where vehicular traffic will periodically need to be allowed through to the secured side.