Crash Beams

The “Satyr” anti-ram crash beam offers a great solution for locations that require a cost-effective, completely above-ground barrier system to secure their facility. The PSP Satyr-12 carries an ASTM M50 certification while the more cost-effective Satyr-4 is certified to the DOS rating K4 L3. All versions of the Satyr are available in electrically operated, hydraulically operated, and manual (counterweight balanced) versions and can secure clear openings from 12’ to 28’ wide.


The Satyr-12 crash beam offers industry-leading certification in widths from 12.9’ to 28’ after successfully completing crash tests at those widths to the ASTM M50 P1 and P2 standard or better. Available with hydraulic, electric, or manual operation, the Satyr-12’s range of certified widths and actuation options are unmatched by any other product on the market.


Offering unmatched capability, the Satyr-12 (EFO) uses an enhanced hydraulic operating system to achieve a repeatable Emergency Fast Operate (EFO) closure in less than 2 seconds! Using the same ASTM M50 certified barrier structure as the Satyr-12, this version can also be delivered in certified widths from 12.9’ – 28’. Adjustable speed control allows for normal (8-15 second) closures or EFO under 2 seconds.


The Satyr-4 crash beam offers a flexible, easy-to-install crash rated solution to secure driveways and other roadways with limited approach speeds. The Satyr-4 has been crash-tested K4 L3, and is available in hydraulic, electric, and manually operated versions with clear openings from 10’ to 30’.