PSP manufactures a range of physical security products that have been selected for applications at industrial sites, military bases, commercial buildings, and public areas across the United States, the Middle East, and Asia.

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Crash Beams

The “Satyr” crash beam offers a great solution for secure locations where overhead clearance is not an issue. The Satyr has a DOD crash rating of _____ making it suitable for nearly all secure sites. This crash beam comes in both electric and hydraulic versions and provides clear openings of 8 to 12 feet.

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Wedge Barriers

Wedge barriers are the industry standard for secure locations that need fast acting barriers in case of emergencies. In the Emergency Fast Operate mode, our wedge barriers can deploy in as little as ____ seconds. The “Phoenix” wedge barriers offer a DOD crash rating of M50.

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Anti-Ram Swing Gates

Swing Gates are another great choice of barrier for sites where overhead clearance is an issue and the emergency fast operate of a wedge barrier is not needed. For this line of product PSPS offers the Banshee and the Minotaur line of engineer rated barriers. The banshee is engineered for an M30 rating and the Minotaur is rated for an M50 rating.

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Anti-Ram Bollards

PSP offers a flexible line of bollards suitable for many site conditions. Bollards are a great way to prevent vehicular access without impeding pedestrian traffic. We offer bollards with both deep and shallow foundations depending on your sites unique needs. Our crash rated bollards are rated between _____ and _____.

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Crash Rated Street Furniture

PSP exclusively offers a unique line of crash rated street furniture that can protect infrastructure where inobtrusive appearance and function are important. These are great for areas such as stadiums, airports, and downtown city spaces.

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Canopies come in all shapes and sizes and generally have unique requirements for each location. For this reason, PSP has partnered with one of the industries leading canopy fabricators and installers. Each canopy is custom tailored for the specific site through our design process.

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Quality of Our Products

PSP’s products have gone through rigorous testing by some of the top testing agencies in the nation such as the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). This testing has allowed our products to be listed on the official Department of Defense Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List to be used at government locations. This is the highest standard for Anti-Ram vehicle barriers. Barriers not specifically listed on this list have been engineered by our in-house design team to withstand different levels of impact.

Our Services

Together we are experts in security.


PSP provides customized service to ensure your system is properly maintained and regularly checked for problems and faulty equipment. Agreements include one time evaluation, monthly, semi annual or annual service intervals.

Because of the unique nature of perimeter and traffic control equipment breakdowns and repairs can be detrimental. With years of valuable experience, PSP has the resources to repair your equipment right the first time.

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PSP is fully bonded and insured for both United States and International work. Our commitment to our customer and our employees extends to having appropriate coverage when the unexpected happens.

PSP is a trusted and certified installer of some of the world’s top perimeter security products manufacturers. With over 40 years in the industry, PSP has gained a reputation for excellent quality installations.

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PSP leverages the design-build approach with a collaborative teaming environment that fulfills multiple parallel objectives, such as aesthetic and functional quality, budget and schedule management.

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