Our Team

Perimeter Security Partners is a government and commercial security contractor wholly dedicated to the maintenance, repair, design, installation, and upgrades of access control points and other related infrastructure. PSP is a worldwide provider of turnkey security solutions. With over 20 years of specialized experience within the perimeter security market, PSP’s leadership team is uniquely equipped to identify and meet every project requirement for our customers in the military, ports of entry, commercial, petroleum, chemical, municipal, and financial sectors. PSP employs experienced technicians, construction managers, engineers, and project managers to supervise and execute projects across the Globe and provide 24/7 emergency service response. The company manufactures a range of certified (crash rated) and engineered vehicle barrier systems and specialized control platforms. PSP prides itself with providing its customers with the proper physical and electronic security systems necessary to meet their security requirements in the most cost-effective and comprehensive method available.

PSP’s culture is best captured by theses five words: “I like coming to work.” A spirit of gratification, momentum, and optimism are the foundations of work life at PSP. In place of the conventional restrictions established by corporate policy jargon, PSP promotes a culture where community and cooperation are conditions of success, recognition of effort comes organically, and achievements are celebrated both individually and with the entire team. Employees are regarded only as essential members of a team, never recognized by role or status. Doors are open and tables are shared between managers, accountants, engineers and foremen. Benefits like hot chicken lunches, hockey tickets, and other office luxuries are not incentives or illusions, but natural extensions of the company structure. With this framework in place, PSP has become more than just “another place to work,” and has grown into a team whose culture is essential to its progress.